Gift cards

We all know the feeling, when we want to give some special and useful present to someone, but often there are more questions than answers. What colour, what size or style? When you give a gift card as a present, you also give a bouquet of choices to the deepest desires of a person! From everyday goods, delicacies and electrical products to cosmetics, designer clothing and jewellery, and adventures for different senses. If you choose a gift card from one of the “Galerija Centrs” stores, you can be sure that you will really delight someone in their celebrations.

In “Galerija Centrs” stores you can purchase both digital gift card as well as traditional gift cards.

Gift cards from

The best gift is an adventure – so it claims We say – it is even better if you can enjoy an adventure with a gift recipient. Store offers the friendliest mix of feelings, adventures, and gifts for positive memories, constantly supplementing and improving the range of options. It is currently made up of 1700 original gifts and gift kits.

Electronic gift card that will delight any shopping enthusiast

At the time when world’s possibilities seem elusive, when everyday life is fast and swirling, and people’s interests are endless, it is pleasant if we can give the opportunity to the other persons in their celebrations to delight themselves to the depths of their hearts, meaningful and useful. Give a gift card that doesn’t have limits! It allows the recipient to find exactly what is needed, while it gives the giver a guarantee that the gift will be exactly the thing what recipient have really wanted.

Gift cards

Enduring value – classical gift cards

The culture of today’s digital era has made societies everyday more electronic, thus giving a whole different meaning and value to hand-written and hand-made gifts. You’ll agree that it’s so pleasant to receive a handwritten letter or a greeting card today. “Galerija Centrs” is also about enduring values, so we offer classic gift cards that will allow you to pass a personalized greeting to everyone who receives it. Classical gift cards available from the following stores: