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Lindex is one of the leading fashion brands in Europe with 450 stores in 19 countries that offer inspiring fashion for women and children in a sustainable way. Lindex has made a promise of sustainability for future generations – to inspire and encourage women, to care for the planet and to respect human rights.

Lindex emphasises the reduction of environmental impact in its activities as very important. By choosing clothes from Lindex, you also create a better future and engage in the sustainable fashion movement. Choosing a well-thought-out out outfit is one of the key elements of sustainability, so when you assemble your clothes from Lindex, you will definitely appreciate both the quality and sustainable design of your clothing.

78% of the entire assortment is made of sustainable materials. Lindex is one of the 10 largest companies in the world that use sustainable materials in the manufacture of clothing, i.e. organic cotton and materials obtained in a sustainable way.

Extending the lifespan of clothing is part of Lindex’s sustainability promise. Lindex’s assortment of babies is carefully designed so that it can be used for as long as possible and then passed on to younger siblings or a newborn. Lindex children’s assortment is made of 100% sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. Clothes made of organic cotton always have a GOTS certificate.

Lindex denim trousers are made in 100% of sustainable materials, i.e. natural cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester. We are very proud of the fact that we have made most of the jeans using more environmentally friendly production processes with lower consumption of electricity, water and chemicals.

The woman has always been the focus of Lindex’s attention since the company started out as a lingerie manufacturer in 1954. Lindex, with its heritage and unique knowledge, is the leading lingerie company in the Nordic countries.

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