Welcome to KIWIE SPACE


Welcome to “KIWIE SPACE”, the first ever physical NFT showroom in Europe! This place was designed in cooperation with shopping centre “Galerija Centrs” to showcase “KIWIE 1001” newest collection of artworks and to highlight the best NFT artworks, designed by other artists around the world, as well as inspire visitors of “Galerija Centrs” for new ideas. 

“KIWIE 1001” project is the first of its kind, bringing ownership to street art through Blockchain technology. Each artwork starts with a real street-art piece and is then adapted into a 3D version that is minted as an NFT together with geo-location coordinates. Whoever owns the NFT, owns the specific artwork on the wall, somewhere in the world. 

Find more information about this project and how to participate in this showroom with Your own digital artwork at www.kiwie1001.com.