KIWIE INVESTIGATION BUREAU reports: “New crime scenes have been discovered where, under unusual circumstances, exclusive merchandise have been found. There are reasonable suspicions that these have been left by the Fat Monster. KBI employees sell the items found in the evidence, so they can go on a new search as long as the Fat Monster is on the loose.”

Considering this report, we recommend that you do not miss this unique opportunity when the latest "evidence" will be available for purchase in Gallerija Centers the 3rd floor in KIWIE SPACE.

ONLY ONE DAY - on July 1, from 10.00 to 21.00, don’t miss exclusive opportunity to buy clothes and accessories created by street artist KIWIE.

The clothing line is comfortable, high-quality and stands out with unique drawings and designs in the style retained by the artist KIWIE.

Do not miss - the store is only available for one day!

See you at the KIWIE pop-up store Galerija Centrs on the 3rd floor KIWIE SPACE!