“I will not live without light” photo exhibition on Rīdzenes Street


From June 14 to July 4, the photo exhibition "I will not live without light" can be seen in the shopping centre Galerija Centrs. The folk-dance ensemble Vektors in cooperation with Latvia's traditional musical instrument – kokle – player Laima Jansone and drum and bagpipe music group Auļi has created an amazing video clip "I will not live without light", accompanied by breath-taking photo, which are currently exhibited on Rīdzenes Street.

We invite you to enjoy the festive mood of the solstice in the very centre of Riga, where four elements – fire, water, earth, and air – together with the emotional music of Laima Jansone and Auļi create a magical event filled with great feelings and emotions. Video and photo shoots offer to experience the sunset, the darkest time of the day and then welcome a new day again.

"Accompanying the sun, surviving the darkest time together, holding light and hope in our hands and hearts, and finally waiting for a new day – the beginning of something unprecedented and bright," says the creative team about the project. The dancers together with the musicians have spent three video filming nights on the beach of Ragaciems, experiencing sunsets and sunrises, and the moment when everything gets dark, and the heat can be gained only by the people nearby and by fire.

"Special importance is given to amber – a gemstone that symbolizes fire and eternal energy. We take it from the sea, adorn it, but when the time comes, we give it back like everything else in this life. And it is up to each of us whether we make full use of the opportunities given to us, and add value to things during our lifetime, or whether we waste them without ever really appreciating what we have," Dagmāra Bārbale, the artistic director of Vektors, says about project "I will not live without light".Vektors is one of the oldest Latvian folk dance ensembles, which is constantly looking for new and modern ways in the development of Latvian stage folk dance, keeping in high value the tradition and heritage left by previous generations.