Exibition LIGHT/DARK


The exhibition of paintings and photographs is a collaboration of two artists - painter Dana Jakoviča and photographer Juris Justs. Inspiration and process.

„Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality.“ —  Charles Bukowski

The work serie references to the contrast of light versus dark in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. In the world of this play, dawn, day, and bright lights are, overwhelmingly, negative—night, the only time Romeo and Juliet can be together in secret, is the time of day they both long for, and together they grow to lament the arrival of the days that pull them apart.

“The play made me think of two quintessentially polar symbols such as dark/night versus light/day and in my artwork series I inverted both of them and make light overwhelmingly negative and darkness soothing and revealing. Through art I wanted to be able to produce alternative ideas and vision that might question the traditional notion of light as a symbol of Love, purity and hope that always has to win in the end. For me darkness on paintings and photos is seen as “night” – the time of genuine disclose. I know that the darkness will bring me the Love and we will be truly together in the dead of night. Deep down we both wish that it could be dark out forevermore so that our time together could be uninterrupted.

This gold-layered artoworks complicate the traditional association of light over dark and shows bright gold as intrusive and unwelcome, powerful and frightening; dark colors, however feel as openness and good fortune. In the photo series the lamp portrays the light of sun, the “day,” as an annihilating force which harshly reveals hidden things and leaves no room for old loves or old behaviors to hide.“The photographer was able to capture the crossroad of thoughts rushing through my mind, making me hide, and glimpsed the moments of two powers pulling me apart. The only source of light on the portraits acts as an intruder that makes me pull back and feel the uncomfortableness of thoughts revealing setting. The bright light source creates the willingness to turn away, to hide into darkness that allows to act out the true fantasies of Love, and to discover the true self away from the prying eyes of invaders.”

The exhibition is available to all visitors of Galerija Centrs on the 1st floor of Rīdzenes Street 5.07.-1.08.2021.