Exhibition “Latvian Faces” on Rīdzenes Street


Starting from the 10th of August until 21st of August 2019, Rīdzenes Street will host a photo exhibition "Latvian Faces" by Svetlana Punte.

An author of the exhibition says: “Everyone wants to be happy. More importantly, everyone can be happy. I’m convinced that people in our country can be happy. Latvian faces - these are the faces of people I know, respect and love. These people are connected with Latvia in one way or another –they live here or love country from a distance.”

Svetlana has chosen the black-and-white photography. In order to convey happiness, it’s not necessary to control contrast and "add color in life". There is always a room for pure, sincere emotion even in a photography that has no color. But there is a light, a contrast and most importantly - happiness in the eyes or a smile. Not only Latvians You’ll find in photos, but also guests of our country - adults and children, businessmen and young people with ambitions. They are various people, but the smile of happiness is the same for everyone.

Svetlana Punte is a journalist, producer and photographer.