Exhibition “Inventorship in Latvia 1918–1940” can be viewed in Rīdzenes Street


For the first time within 100 years since Latvia became an independent state, the citizens are invited to see the Latvian Patent Office`s exhibition of 20 historical inventions that have brought Latvia's name in the wide world. The exhibition will be open from 25 October to 7 November in Rīdzenes Street, on the first floor of the shopping center “Galerija Centrs”.

The exhibition has been created in honour of the opening celebration of the book "The Latvian Patent Office and Inventorship in Latvia 1918–1940", which will be held on October 30th. In collaboration with the National Archives of Latvia, Latvian patent applications were identified and digitalized – from the first application since the independence until 1940.
From simple discoveries of practical significance to technical solutions and inventions in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, agriculture and aviation – over two decades 2,944 patents were granted to inventors in Latvia.
For the photo exhibition were selected such inventions as Walter Zapp’s Photographic Apparatus, Johann Janson’s Wind turbine, Rescue boat for submarines invented by engineer Edgars Georgs Everts, Aircraft – ornithopter, and others.
“After gaining its independence in 1918, Latvia experienced a trade boom and rapid economic growth, reaching a high level of welfare. The development of inventorship in Latvia can be traced from the first patent application from inventor Janis Prats for the invention “The method of removing the flax heads from the stems and the machine designed for that purpose”, to the invention of the legendary Walter Zapp, for the world's smallest Minox camera, which retained its relevance for several decades after the loss of the independence. Already at that time, with the system of industrial property protection operating, the names of Latvian inventors became known almost all over the world,” pointing to the Latvian intellectual and entrepreneurial capacity – emphasized director of the Latvian Patent Office Mr. Sandris Laganovskis.
Since November, the exhibition “Inventorship in Latvia 1918–1940” will continue its journey as a traveling exhibition. It will also be available in Latvian universities, research institutions and libraries.