Exhibition “Foreign stories in Latvia” can be viewed in Rīdzenes Street


13 stories of foreigners about life in Latvia are displayed in the exhibition “Foreign stories in Latvia”, and everyone willing to see Latvia through the eyes of foreigners is invited to visit the exhibition.

In these stories people are explaining their identity, happiness and other emotions towards this land. Every story is a new point of view and reflection of ourselves. Altogether these personalities represent 11 countries, developing and inspiring society to develop different industries in Latvia.
The authors of the project Inese Muceniece and Beatrise Paula Bunce declare: „The aim of this exhibition is to look at Latvia from another angle and to encourage our society to be more open. We hope that this project will help to inspire and integrate our society.”
The participants of the exhibition come from 11 different countries, starting from Australia till Mexico, yet their journey leads to one place – Latvia. One of the participants of the exhibition Jöran Steinhauer (Germany) musician from the band „Aarzemnieki” is reflecting on this idea in his story: „It is not necessarily to be a foreigner to be able to look from aside, every Latvian can do it. There are only 24 hours every day and sometimes people forget to relax from themselves.” The stories are written both in English and Latvian and will be traveling around Latvia till November 18, 2018. Latvia’s Centenary celebration. Every person who is interested is invited to pass by and walk through the stories.
The exhibition is organized within „Latvija 21” project, it is supported by Riga Municipality Education, Culture and Sports department. The idea is created within youth development program „Go Beyond”.
The exhibition will be held in the shopping center „Galerija centrs” from September 25 to October 11, 2017.
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