Delicacies and treats at the Rīdzene market


Rīdzenes iela, a site where in ancient times a river flowed and trading was active, will carry on that historical tradition when, on 8 and 9 July it will host the first Rīdzene market. Visitors will be able to buy delicious Latvian country foodstuffs, beautiful household articles, selected jewellery and interesting gifts.

Contemporary artefacts by Latvian artists Agnese Zeltiņa, Nela Strenge, Liege Zelgalve, Maija Baltbārzde, Marta Ģibiete and Kristīne Balta will be a wonderful addition to the fashion and style shops already surrounding Rīdzenes iela, further boosting the select Galerija Centrs offering. Tips from Liene Zemīte and Signe Meirāne and the local farmers’ produce available at the market will help buyers create their own gourmet meals.

The Soulstone by Agnese Zeltiņa range of unique bracelets and necklaces stand out for their intricacy and high-quality materials from Italy – jewellery from her latest collection will be available at the Rīdzene market. Lickstarter lingerie, designed by Liege Zelgalve and produced in Latvia, will be an exceptional feature. It will also be possible to buy jewellery by Nela Strenge Gems – made from natural stone and crystals, with leather and textile elements. The market will be a rare opportunity to meet the artist in person and order unique custom-made accessories. Latvian traditions will represented by linen products, accessories and knitwear created by the masters at Rakstu Raksti. The welcoming staff at Stenders will make sure that everyone can find their own invigorating product.

The extensive offering of the Rīdzene market will also feature useful things for the home – hand-made aprons, chefs’ hats, painted linen gift and shopping bags by Maija Baltbārzde, glass artefacts blown by artist Marta Ģibiete, natural and gorgeous candles by Kristīne Balta to suit every occasion. Buckwheat pillows and ceramic wares will be available at the Rīdzene market branch of Muhamors.

Lapsas māja hostess Liene Zemīte will be offering delightful and refined taste adventures with delicious cakes, buns, biscuits and tarts baked with seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. The market will be an opportunity to buy and taste a variety of Latvian-grown and produced delicacies. Virtual farmers’ market will offer farm-fresh products naturally grown in Latvia – the latest seasonal vegetables, greens, herbs and berries. A huge variety of cheeses, meat products, preserves and breads will be available. Lovers of natural and healthy sweets will be delighted by seed and dried-fruit truffles and bars from Sēklu muss, all free of gluten, eggs, e-additives or preservatives. An unusual taste adventure will be guaranteed by Zaļā maize – special home-baked wheat bread enriched with heaps of vegetables and herbs. Beekeeper Uģis Mālnieks will have his fresh summer honey on offer.

The Rīdzene market will run at the Galerija Centrs shopping centre on every second weekend of the month: 8 and 9 July, 11 and 11 August, 8 and 9 September; between 10:00 and 21:00 on Thursdays and Fridays.