Galactico gift card

Galactico gift card is a brilliant present to delight near and dear friends and colleagues, employees and partners. Present them Galactico gifts without limit!

Galactico gift card is electronic means of  payment in the plastic card form that is accepted in all five Galactico shopping centers: t/p Alfa, s/c Mols, s/c Galerija Centrs, s/c Origo and s/c Dole!

With Galactico gift card one can make purchases and receive services in shopping centers'' shops, press kiosks, cafés, restaurants, drugstores, beauty shops, sports clubs, tourism agencies, video rentals and other service providers - all together over 650 places*!


*Galactico gift card cannot be used as a settlement mean in post offices, banks, leasing companies and shopping centers'' information centers, as well as with certain shops that have not signed the agreement on Galactico gift card serving.


Check your Galactico gift card balance here!